1 and 2 Year Conservatory* 

(Business of Music and Arts)

Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory’s curriculum courses and workshops are designed to provide rigorous courses with highly qualified instructors in the field of the recording and music industry as well as instrumentation.  Classes focus on production, music business and performance.  Students are pre-evaluated at registration.  A schedule of courses are assigned to students to provide quality direction from the start. Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory faculty builds individualized lesson plans that advance and build strong skill sets in the area of the music industry.

*State standards based curriculum program certification process projected for completion by 2016

LPFM (Low Power FM) Radio Broadcasting Studio**

Non-profit, non-commercial radio station with a mission to improve access to technologies for Boyle Heights residents and beyond;

• On-air programming produced and created in Boyle Heights;

• Broadcasting and engineering training workshops available for residents who wish to

develop their programs for broadcast and future career endeavors;

• Encourages broadcasts reflecting the health, education, and cultural needs of the region

• Encourages new-immigrants, emerging populations, economically disadvantaged, and

intergenerational voices to develop shows for on-air broadcast;

• Opportunities for programming reflective of the historic, present, and emerging

diversities of Boyle Heights;

• Multilingual Programming blocks in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese

** FCC Low Power Fm licensing to be granted in 2015

Multi-Generational Education Opportunities

  • Early Arts Appreciation Education Programs (ages 1-6)
  • Dance and Movement ( ages 4-99)
  • Education Partners (Grades 1-12)
  • Adult Wellness and Health (18+)
  • Traditional Arts and Trade Workshops (18+)
  • Advanced age movement and wellness (55+)
  • Farm-to-Table Gardening and Cooking Classes through a cooperative with our restaurant partners
  • Education and Restaurant Partners