Programming Partners

Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory works with programming partners who enhance our core curriculum by providing ongoing collaboration and innovative programming through their programming.

If your organization would like to explore a potential partnership opportunity please contact us.


HNDP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to provide a positive outlet for under-served students and facilitate an entry-point into the music and digital arts industries. Offering a unique curriculum including, music production & development, video game design and original video content creation, HNDP leverages accessible tools, such as smartphone and tablets, to provoke an entrepreneurial spirit and foster our next generation of storytellers.  More info here.


OpenLA is a programming partnership between with the program’s Anchor Artists from diverse disciplines and Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory. The artists, Michael McCarty, Nobuku Miyamoto, Asia One, Omar G Ramirez, Quetzal Flores, Gabriel Tenorio, and Dennis Brown will lead projects encouraging collaboration, cross-cultural exchange, and transformation through the art-making process. All projects will be documented, archived and used to create OpenLA radio, video, and web content.  Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, will provide OpenLA with access to digital studios, creative space, and comprehensive support on all projects.