Fm and Digital Radio


KQBH-LP,101.5 FM Radio Station – Broadcasting from Boyle Heights!

BHAC and their collective radio partners have received a Low Power FM station FCC license!

The BHAC broadcasting station will advance our educational programming by:

  • Broadcasting  a variety of local music, arts and cultural programs from diverse ethnic populations in our community;
  • Educating listeners about civic and current events, public meetings, elections, emergency preparedness, public service announcements;
  • Promoting special interest shows and programs, focusing on arts and culture, the humanities, history and literature, science, environment, horticulture and food, and spirituality and health;
  • Providing broadcast opportunities for local residents as well as youth, seniors, special interest groups, local artists and musicians and cultural representatives.
  • Connect with programming partners to give them access to our broadcasting facilities and to create an inclusive voice for a diverse audience.
  • Our Radio Collective includes:
    • Ballet Folklorico Ollin
    • Catalyst Long Beach
    • The Emperors Circle of Shen Yun
    • The Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprises
    • National Hispanic Media Coalition

Digital Radio Station

In addition to our daily radio block on 101.5 of 8pm – 2am, the BHAC broadcasts a 24-hour digital radio station with programming from our content partners.

Our Programming Partners include Radio Bilingue, ACTA (Alliance for California Traditional Arts),The Restorative Justice Youth Radio Program, Ozomatli, The MixMasters, Wake Up Show, and Musicians Corp, and others who are interested in working with us to help us develop culturally competent programs.

Inclusive, Diverse Programming

The station’s programming will sharply focus on the local community, including a multi-generational audience, with households that may include natural, immigrant, refugee and new citizens living under the same roof.  Our programming serves as an ambassador for this otherwise marginalized population of listeners.  The station will share timely and relevant information on opportunities, music and media, public policy and interests, life skills, current affairs, health, wellness, technology, science, traditional arts and valuable interactions to allow the community to advocate for innovative communication solutions.  Programs will take into consideration the time availability of our listeners, including students, primary child caretakers, workers, day laborers, preschool children and their parents/guardians, monolingual residents, transitional residents, artists, musicians, industry and business professionals.  Understanding when our listeners are listening will allow us to create beneficial programming.  We will feature programming that will make our radio station a focal point in the community, allowing voices to speak freely, discuss, exchange ideas and learn.  By programming an eclectic and diverse range of music, arts, stories and experiences from the more than forty different cultures that make up our community. Programs will include: Music programming (traditional, current, regional and international), news and current affairs, civic and local programs, connecting residents with relevant coverage of actual or continuing situations.  Cultural and regional programs supporting progress and development for diverse audiences, allowing for a variety of voices.  Youth programming, primarily featuring adolescent and young adult hosts providing interviews, discussions, entertainment and other youth-led topics.  “AIR-ducation” broadcasting educational content.  Cultural and religious events, promoting conscience accord.  We will make a consorted effort to have programming reflect the diversity of the Boyle Heights community in age, ethnicity, language, culture, economics, and people at risk of marginalization.

We will include a training program so that anyone can learn to host, program and produce a show under the guidance of professional, experienced staff.  Staff will teach journalism as well as production and broadcast skills and techniques. We will have a variety of regular and guest programs, on-air forums and interviews, and special programs from the community broadcast by skilled professionals and trained amateurs. A daily youth hour will produce youth-generated content.